TD-OMS & Gravity IBMi Application Life Cycle Managment

TD/OMS is an in-house developed, easy to use, flexible and cost effective Application Lifecycle Management solution supporting IBM i (AS/400), Windows and Unix/Linux software change, development and modernization.

It incorporates fundamental IT business processes such as Application Life Cycle Management, Version Management, Release Management, and Software Distribution & Deployment. The IT organization is supported in streamlining the change process of any type of application, no matter the complexity of the environment.

High Lights

  • Flexible change cycle support
  • Transfer and change history
  • Request & Task Management
  • Rules based process definition
  • ‘Real Time’ configuration database
  • Easy to use graphical impact analysis
  • Component & relation repository
  • Component & relation repository
  • Automatic or manual rollback
  • Source compare & merge (version control incl. IFS files; peer review)
  • IBMi off-the shelf applications management support
  • ‘Green screen’ or Graphical User interface

Gravity - Task and Workflow Managment

Gravity is a multi platform (IBM i, Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS, etc.) task and workflow management solution for organizations that desire easier, faster, and more visible management of various kinds of processes across multiple departments and teams. Gravity supports process automation, and streamlines and controls all changes taking place within your organization – regardless of the methodology you use.

Gravity is primarily dedicated to IT teams to support issue tracking, work management and provide helpdesk functionality. Thanks to its integration with TD/OMS (Application Lifecycle Management solution on IBM i), Gravity adds collaboration and communication capability to better manage IBM i software development and modernization projects.


  • Software developers - improved collaboration within IT team,
  • IT executives - control and insight in workflow and workload,
  • Business analysts - improved alignment of business needs with IT assets,
  • DevOps – to link the work of developers and operations even better.

You will be surprised how quickly all departments will benefit from using Gravity!


  • Workflow control
  • Time and money savings
  • Requirements management
  • Workload predictability
  • Improved collaboration
  • Modern and robust way of working
  • Significant increase in employee productivity
  • Better team communication
  • Laws and regulatory compliance - (SOX, ISO, COBIT, etc.)
  • Future-proof technology